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History of Valencia Airport

Do you know the Valencia airport? We tell you the history of the Valencia – Manises airport and how it has grown over time.

History of Valencia Airport

Valencia airport is located eight kilometers west of the capital, in the municipality of Manises.

In March 1933 the airport was inaugurated and customs declared in September 1934. The first regular flight was made on September 1, 1934 with the inauguration of the Madrid-Valencia line.

Construction of the first track began in the summer of 1946, using a metallic mesh covered with a layer of limestone on a rammed stone base. In 1948 the construction work of a small parking platform was carried out.

Valencia airport terminal
Valencia airport terminal

In 1983, the new passenger terminal was inaugurated, replacing the one that was built. The greatest innovation of the new building is the use of solar energy through solar panels.

In March 2007, the first expansion of the airport came into operation, including a new building for regional aviation, the construction of a private aviation building and a vehicle parking building, as well as the expansion of the flight track and parking platforms.

In July 2012, the second expansion of the airport was inaugurated, consisting of the construction of another building with twenty more check-in counters and a new baggage claim hall and the construction of a new vehicle parking building, among other works.

flight track - History of Valencia Airport
flight track – History of Valencia Airport

Valencia airport main destinations

Traffic is mostly international, with Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and France being the countries that contribute the highest number of passengers. The three national destinations with the most passengers are Palma de Mallorca, Madrid and Ibiza.

Type of flights

In addition to commercial aviation, with operations of many airlines, general aviation also has a high level of activity at the airport with the presence of private aviation companies, public bodies and other companies related to aerial work.

*Article based on Aena

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