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History of Alicante Airport – Elche

Do you know Alicante airport? We will tell you the history of the Alicante – Elche airport and how over time it has grown to serve 20 million passengers a year.

History of Alicante Airport – Elche

Alicante-Elche airport is located 9 kilometers southwest of Alicante, in the municipality of Elche.

On May 4, 1967, the airport was inaugurated and opened to national and international passenger and freight traffic. That same day the first plane landed, a Convair Metropolitan from the Aviaco company.

The growth in traffic is immediate since all tourists bound for the Alicante Coast (Costa Blanca), who to date made their entry through the Valencia airport, are now moving to Alicante.

Alicante Airport Terminal
Alicante Airport Terminal

In 1970 the number of passengers was close to one million, which necessitated the construction of a new passenger terminal and it was inaugurated in June 1972.

In 1996 a new and profound reform was carried out, which made it possible to serve the nine million annual passengers who use its facilities in a short space of time.

Parking - History of Alicante Airport - Elche
Parking – History of Alicante Airport – Elche

In March 2011, the New Terminal Area was put into service, capable of handling almost 6,000 passengers per hour and 20 million passengers per year. It also includes a new terminal building, the boarding dock, a parking building, new access roads, and the expansion of the parking platform.

*Article based on Aena

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