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Beautiful beaches and coves of Calpe

Calpe has some beautiful beaches and coves, it also has an average annual temperature of 18º and about 44 days a year with clouds, which is why it becomes an ideal destination to enjoy contact with the sea.

It has 13 km of coastline with 14 beaches and coves for you to choose the one you like the most. Kilometer-long beaches of fine sand, small sandy coves or virgin rocks with cliffs.

Arenal-Bol and La Fossa are the best-known sandy beaches where you can take a leisurely walk, or enjoy sports and water activities.

With more than 5 km of beautiful cliffs, we find beautiful and quiet coves sculpted by the blow of the sea and wind, such as El Penyal, El Racó or Les Bassetes, beautiful places where diving, snorkeling, fishing and sailing become unforgettable experiences.

Beautiful beaches and coves of Calpe


El Collao or Racó del Corb

Located south of Calpe, a unique natural environment that can only be accessed by sea.

Cove "El Collao"
Cove “El Collao”

Les Urques

Near the “Puerto Blanco” leisure port, a cove of sand and rounded pebbles with calm waters and posidonia vegetation.


Small cove of fine sand located on the seafront promenade. It stands out for the presence of the site known as Baños de la Reina.

El Racó

Small gravel cove closed at its southern end by the Calpe port breakwater and located at the foot of the Peñón de Ifach. Next to the ecological walk Princesa de Asturias

La Manzanera

Next to the buildings of the architect Ricardo Bofill, with calm waters and Posidonia vegetation.

Cove "La Manzanera"
Cove “La Manzanera”

Del Penyal

Small natural cove of rocks with transparent waters. A quiet place where nature is the protagonist.

La Calalga

Cove of sand and rocks where remains of underwater vegetation accumulate.


Accessible only by sea, a small and quiet natural cove of gravel and boulders.

Cove "Gasparet"
Cove “Gasparet”

Del Mallorquí

Located between the port Les Bassetes and Calalga. With crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling.

Les Bassetes

Located next to the Bassetes leisure port, with pebbles and beautiful views of the Peñón de Ifach.


Puerto Blanco

Small beach of pebbles and sand, located next to the old Puerto Blanco leisure port.

Puerto Blanco Beach
Puerto Blanco Beach

Cantal Roig

Small and quiet sandy beach located next to the fishing port and the Peñón de Ifach.

Arenal – Bol

With more than 1 km of fine sand and transparent waters, it is one of the most popular in Calpe.

Arenal-Bol Beach
Arenal-Bol Beach

Levante o La Fossa

With fine sand and crystal clear waters, calm and familiar that offers all the comforts to spend the day.

La Fossa Beach
La Fossa Beach

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Beautiful beaches and coves of Calpe
Beautiful beaches and coves of Calpe
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5 curiosities that you didn’t know about the Peñón de Ifach

The vast majority of us who live in the Mediterranean know what the Peñón de Ifach is and where it is, but surely there are many details about the Natural Park that you didn’t know. Here we leave you the 5 curiosities that you don’t know about the Peñón de Ifach.

5 curiosities that you didn’t know about the Peñón de Ifach

The Peñón de Ifach was an island

Many years ago, the Peñón de Ifach was separated from the Peninsula, as it was a small island / islet. In Roman times it had already been joined by a small tongue of land, although if you look at it, currently the union between them is very small and, in fact, it is a very flooded area although at the moment it is full of buildings.

Tourist Symbol of the Costa Blanca

Its 332 meters high that rise from the Mediterranean Sea, has made this Natural Monument one of the most important on the Costa Blanca. If you look at the Peñón, it appears in almost all the tourism publications of the province of Alicante since it can be seen from many places in the province.

5 curiosities that you don't know about the Peñón de Ifach
5 curiosities that you don’t know about the Peñón de Ifach

It is the smallest Natural Park in the Valencian Community

With about 50 hectares of extension and 1 km in length, it is the smallest Natural Park in the Valencian Community and it is also one of the smallest in Europe. However, given its uniqueness, it is one of the most visited, with more than 100,000 registered visits per year.

Rock “Reef”

The large rocks that have been falling from the Rock to the sea have formed a steep bottom full of arches and tunnels like a labyrinth. That is why it is one of the favorite places for divers to do their dives. If you like snorkeling more, you can also enjoy the marine life in Cala Racó, in the southern part of the Peñón.

Diving in the Peñón de Ifach
Diving in the Peñón de Ifach

Climbing Paradise

El Peñón has more than 35 climbing routes, and climbing right from the sea has to be an impressive experience.

Climbing on the Peñón de Ifach
Climbing on the Peñón de Ifach

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